Bali Collection

The trip to Bali was one of the trips that changed me the most, not only because of the love I've gained for the island, but also because of the lifestyle, the people and the whole environment. I wanted to bring some of that good vibe to this collection. A collection with small quantities with handpicked materials, ultra-comfortable pieces and where each one was inspired by a place in Bali with this boho-touch.


The initial idea would be to photograph this collection in Bali, but with the pandemic the plans had to be changed. Nothing happens without a reason and the result could not be better and make me even more proud, because despite being inspired by Bali, it is a collection 100% made in Portugal and it made no sense not to be photographed in our wonderful country. Here's a glimpse of the most amazing day which stamps the first collection of Heliophilia.

None of this would be possible without the support of one of the most wonderful team that made everything possible, and also a 100% Portuguese partners!

Production: Strazzera
Photo: Carla Pires
Making Of: Mário Moreira
Model: NXT Management
Make Up & Hair: Beatriz Texugo