meet the founder

Hey youu, nice to e-meet you! I'm Joana, a complete freak about summertime, beach, the ocean, walking barefoot and light dresses, whether or not I was a daughter of August. Since I was little I always grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My great-aunt had a clothing brand, she had 3 stores (one in Lisbon, one in Cascais and one in Madrid), my paternal grandmother was a seamstress and I always had that feeling of looking at the pieces I had and wanting to give them a twist.
I know we are not going to invent the wheel, I leave that to the great designers, but my Virgo sign also likes to speak up and always want to perfect something and give them another twist - or a more closed neckline, or a blouse that it could become a dress, a kimono in a set, or that dress with a certain fabric and a special detail. That is how Heliophilia was born, my interpretation and improvement of some pre-owned pieces with a boho-chic inspiration that are made to last summer after summer. Collect the best moments, with the best pieces.
The beach has always been my happy place, a place filled with vitamine D which is responsible for our happiness levels. Now you can have a little bit of this feeling with heliophilia garments. 
My background is in design and marketing, with a postgraduate degree in luxury brand management from the London School of Fashion and ISEG. At the same time as I have Heliophilia brand, I have a lifestyle blog since 2010, and I'm also working in Digital Marketing and Communication for the past 4 years and a half.